Simple SVG Qgis Plugin

SimpleSvg is a plugin which tries to save current map as SVG. Other then the normal SaveAsSVG in the composer, this plugin tries to keep the GIS-grouping intact: layers in Qgis will be layers in Inkscape, symbol classes will be groups. Objects will have ids with the layername in it, so the id's kan be used of a search in the xml-view of Inkscape.

At the moment it can only work with 'Old Symbology' both vector- and raster layers. A raster layer will be saved as image and included as an image element with an external (to the file next to the svg).
The plugin wil NOT work with layers which have 'on the fly' projection enabled.

For lines and polygons it tries to save both pen and symbol style, most classifications are working.
For Points it can only save a point as a small colored circle.

Please sent further ideas and requests to

A view of the Netherlands in qgis with a point, polygon and line vector layer, and a raster on the bottom:

Download the svg generated with the plugin: svgtest.svg

This svg loaded in Inkscape:

The plugin is available via the official contributed qgis repositories (as experimental plugin!) or you can download latest plugin in zip here

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Tips, comments, questions: richard at-sign (Richard Duivenvoorde)